I am finally back from my last weekend trip. It was Pfingsten( Public holiday in Germany) and so we decided to take a short trip to Texel, a small island in the Netherlands. So Saturday morning we drove to Heemskerk. It is a small town in the Netherlands, located in the Kennemerland region(North Holland). The … More Heemskerk

Secret Getaways of Sardinia

Sardinia’s few gorgeous sensational beaches Costa Smeralda It’s truly nature’s paradise located north of Sardinia. One of Europe’s most expensive locations.The whole region is overflowing with celeb villas, hotels and resorts. But sometimes spending a week in the Emerald Coast might not be that expensive. Sardinia’s  Costa Smeralda has many small hidden pristine beaches of crystal clear … More Secret Getaways of Sardinia

Reliving Barcelona

The perfect affordable European budget destinations. One cannot get bored in Barcelona. There are endless activities one could do making it a splendid choice for holidaymakers. Visit the beach The perfect place to unwind and bask in the warmth of the sun. La Barceloneta is close to the city and can be reached both by foot … More Reliving Barcelona

Lemon Pound Cake

Well, today morning being home gave me an immense sense of peace. It’s been a long time since we get to see the sun. Believe me, it’s rare. So today I really wanted to bake. I have been wanting to bake for a long time but I am an extremely lazy person especially when the … More Lemon Pound Cake


Visiting Colmar was a whim and not a definitive decision. It was Easter Monday and the last sunny day of our trip. I am glad we decided to visit Colmar. … More Colmar


Watching Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk was not only exhilarating but also emotionally exhaustive. The movie shows the dark times during the Battle of France, where Dunkerque suffered enormously. British and French soldiers were encircled by Nazi Germany. Operation Dynamo was launched to help soldiers cross the English Channel and return home. The operation commenced after large … More Dunkerque